USRA instructor in training tacticle carbine, defensive handgun Completed USRA Classes: Defensive Handgun I Tacticle Carbine I Tacticle Carbine II NRA RSO NRA Marksmanship 4H Rifle Instructor Certification Central IL Precision Shootiong Rifle Instructor Class

USRA instructor in training tacticle carbine, defensive handgun Completed USRA Classes: Defensive Handgun I Tacticle Carbine I Tacticle Carbine II NRA RSO NRA Marksmanship 4H Rifle Instructor Certification Central IL Precision Shootiong Rifle Instructor Class

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8/9/2016 USRA Board Meeting

US Rifleman’s Association Meeting

6:00pm Aug 9, 2016

Chili’s Bar and Grill, Aurora, IL


Karl Schweitzer

Kyle Stambler
Dave Blaskey

Chris Graves

Ed McComb

Officers Reports

Treasurer  – Reviewed balances of association’s checking, savings, and PayPal accounts.

Secretary – No comments on minutes from May meeting

Promotions – Dave B – Oct Def HG2, Nov Tac Carbine2

Instructor Training/Recruiting – Gravy presented the Instructor Development document Rev 8/8/16, 2 pages plus a training log example.  Provides a 4-step procedure for becoming a USRA instructor including an Instructor In Training phase.  Will be send around for comment.


Old Business

1         Shoot reports:

a.       NRA Youth Hunter Education event Richmond, IL Friday June 3: Lot of fun, 150 kids.  5 stations.  Tough to man on a weekday.  They used our gear for rifle, with Fred & Karl leading the shotgun station for young kids.

b.       IL Def Handgun I.  Chilicothe.  Sat May 14th.  Had 8 students.

c.       Tact Carbine I. July 30th 15 students.  Hard to instruct from memory when we only instruct 1-2 times per year.

2         Tactical Carbine II COF.   Will be worked on after Defensive HG II COF [Doug].  Refine at boot camp.

3         Tactical Carbine I COF . More than just the cheat sheet.  Karl S will send out draft for review and feedback.

4         NRA grant application.   [Dave]  Application is open.  Due Dec1 for northern IL.  Need EIN, Not-for-profit info, financials.  Application includes what our org has done, what we want.  Would be good to tie to youth shoots like the one in Richmond.

5         IL Range Dates:

a.       Aurora Sportsman Club – need to contact Nancy

b.       Buffalo Range Shooting Park, Ottawa – NO GO.  They are using Appleseed.

c.       Boot Camp Sun Oct 16-Sat Oct 22

d.       Chilicothe- [Steve S], Def HG2 Oct1, Tac Carb2 Nov 6

e.       Durand- [Doug] Sold.  Pecatonica??

f.        ISRA- [Berg] No update.

g.       Pontiac – plan for 2017.  Range more receptive to hand gun.

6         Def Handgun II COF—Reviewed at May meeting.

New Business

1.       At boot camp, review offering class discounts for couples..spouse shoots for ½ price.

2.       Boot camp:

a.       Reviewed proposed menu for boot camp. Looked good.

b.       Start thinking about how many events we want for 2017.  We now have 5 courses we can offer with American Marksman.

c.       What are instructors’ availability and capacity?

d.       Karl would like lead instructors to step up and own a range, like Steve does for Chili.  Not burn anyone out.

e.       Sunday memorial, spread Guy’s ashes

f.        Reviewed “42” patch design for Guy.  Not much interest in patches.  Would rather include a “42” memorial on our USRA t-shirts.

g.       Need to check inventory of red (instructor) and tan USRA shirts.  Ed to contact Eel.  Also on patches and hats.

h.       Can we offer a performance poly shirt as opposed to the cotton?

i.         $190 for members, $250 for non-members.  Includes a meal plan.

j.         Reviewed Boot Camp schedule

–          Add course Def HG2 on thur

–          Split out competition day over two days Wed & Fri

–          Ask Mike Royal about bowling ball cannon and Tuler drill

–          Special events:  bird house demo?  Can someone lead a 3 gun drill?  Night shoot – doesn’t 1 Shepard shoot at night?


Next Meeting:   Tuesday September 13th, 6:00pm,  Chili’s Bar and Grill, Aurora, IL

Great USRA T C 1 class 7/30/16

Tactical Carbine 1 07/30/16

Super USRA Tactical Carbine 1 class!
Excellent students, so glad you could make it!

Everyone did a great job, a huge thank you to the instructors for their time!

You can see in the picture there was a good sized group too :^)

5/3/2016 USRA Board Meeting

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Chili’s in Aurora


Review and vote to adopt Def Handgun II course

Treasurer’s Report

NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge

How to best memorialize Guy

Range Dates

New Business

USRA Founding Member Memorial

A founding member of the USRA, a husband, a father and a friend to many passed away Saturday Morning April 16th after a long fight with PSC. Chris “Guy” Gibb would have been 42 Today Monday April 18th. Guy inspired hundreds, perhaps thousands, to be better citizens, better riflemen and better people. His unique style of instructing, along with his personality, made him a person you wanted to get to know better and to call your friend. He will be missed.

A memorial service will be held Saturday April 23rd at:

Presbyterian Church.

224 S. Margaret St.

Piper City, IL 60959

From 1:00-3:00PM with the service starting at 3:00PM. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Those that are not able to attend but would like to share a memory about Guy to be read at the service please send those to either Chris Midkiff or to HYPERLINK “” and we’ll make sure they get there.


Information will be available soon and will be provided if you wish to make a donation on Guy’s behalf to fight PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis)


Please take a moment to consider becoming an organ donor. Each day, an average of 79 people receive organ transplants. However, an average of 22 people die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs. People of every age give and receive organ donations. In Illinois you can become an organ donor at the Secretary of State’s office or go on line to HYPERLINK “”


4/5/16 USRA Board Meeting

US Rifleman’s Association Meeting Minutes

6:00pm April 5, 2016

Chili’s Bar and Grill, Aurora, IL


Cherie and Karl Schweitzer, Kyle Stambler, Ron Berg, Shane Thurston, Chris Graves, Dave Blaskey, Doug Fink

Treasurer’s Report:

-Meeting with Steve S completed last month for turnover

-Reviewed balance of bank and PayPal account

Old Business:

NRA Youth Hunter Education event Friday June 3 at Richmond Hunting Club in Richmond, IL 8:30-4:30.  Looking for volunteers and loaner rifles.  Contact Terry or Fred.  See 3/8/16 USRA Meeting minutes for more details.

April 16 USRA Instructor shoot at Pontiac, IL. Open to instructors and potential-instructors.  Not open to public.  Post on closed group page?

Adding Ron Berg as a second USRA web site admin

Tactical Rifle II COF will be worked on after Defensive HG II COF.

Karl S working on building out the Tactical Rifle I COF, more than just the cheat sheet.  Karl S will send out draft.

Clarification on Youth Shoot ammo.  USRA procured ammo last year for a shoot.  We will use it for August youth shoot in Durand.  At the March 2016 meeting the group decided to donate $300 (or $300 in ammo) to Richmond Hunt Club for their youth shoot.  Note: NRA grant application due in November.

Reviewed draft course of fire for USRA Defensive Handgun II course. Debated several specific COF items including addressing any potential safety scenarios, types of drills and how to tie everything we learned that day into the “Grand Finale”

New Business:

Buffalo Range Shooting Park, Ottawa—someone working on shoot dates?  Could be added to current shoot schedule

Discussed individuals including a donation in cards for Guy or passing the hat (like we did for Bruce S) at the instructor shoot.  Possible for USRA to donate meals for Guy and his family?  Doug F going to check with local contact

How can IL Team support MO Team?  Recommend taking advantage of web forums and posts for advertisements.

Next Meeting:   6:00pm Tuesday May 3rd, Chili’s in Aurora, IL

2016 Classes

Spring is in the air and classes are getting arranged for you!

Registration will be possible soon. . .

Two new dates so far:

May 14 – Introduction to Defensive Handgun

October 1 – TBA

Keep checking back to see when and where you can join the fun!

3/8/16 USRA Board Meeting

USRA Board Meeting

When:  Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time: 6 pm

Location: Chili’s

1290 N. Orchard Rd.

Aurora IL

USRA Meeting 3/8/16

In Attendance:

Karl Schweitzer, Cherie Schweitzer, Ron Berg, Kyle Stambler, Dave Blaskey

2016 Shoot Dates


Steve S. attending Chillicothe board meeting 3/8/16 to confirm class dates.


Dates are on website (approved by Thor)

Treasurer News

Gave balances as of 1/31/16

Meeting set for Sat. 3/19/16

Steve S., Karl, & Cherie

Review previous data and hand off Treasurer info.

Ammo purchase for youth shoots

Ron Berg to get application to Karl

Approval to spend up to $300 for youth shoot ammo

Grant Application for IL must be submitted by November each year for the following year

NRA Youth Hunters Education Challenge (NRA YHEC)

Richmond, IL: Friday 6/3/16 (Richmond Hunting Club)

Request for assistance:

Volunteers to help out at event

Rifles for the youths to use

Reach out to Ron, Fred, Terry for more information / volunteer sign up

Melissa Martin is the Coordinator for the event. She can be reached @ 847-931-0698. E-mail:


Karl handed out Tac I Cheat Sheet & Defense Handgun II rough draft

Karl to turn Tac I Cheat Sheet into a COF

Karl to work with Doug to create COF for Tac II

Defensive Handgun II

Need to figure out specifically what is to be accomplished

Course focus suggestions:

Grip/Stance – importance stance factors when moving & in different positions

Moving around / become more comfortable moving around

Shoot from cover / take a knee

Karl to incorporate revisions provided and resend to instructor group.

Practice run of the COF will occur at the 4/16/16 Pontiac IL event (see NRA RSO class below)

NRA RSO Class – Saturday 4/16/16

Pontiac Sportsman’s Club; Pontiac, IL

Contact Fred or Terry for more information / sign up

Plan to use the 50-yard range for a practice run on the Defensive Handgun II COF

Next Meeting: Tuesday 4/5/16