1/17/2017 USRA Meeting

US Rifleman’s Association Meeting
6:00pm Jan 17, 2016
Chili’s Bar and Grill, Aurora, IL

Karl Schweitzer
Kyle Stambler
Ron Berg
Dave Blaskey
Bill Essling
Ed McComb

Officers Reports
Treasurer – reviewed account balances. Voted to transfer funds from Paypal to savings
-reviewed 2016 year end financials. 2016 income greater than expenses
-reviewed expenses and payments from 2016 boot camp
-approved $100 gift card for BBQ caterer
-approved CMP membership renewal for $30
-approved $7/month for quickbooks for club book keeping. Try for 1 year.
-no changes to meeting minutes from boot camp
-no business meeting at Moosejaw
Promotions – Dave B
-promote Chili dates electronically
Instructor Training/Recruiting – Gravy
-voted to implement instructor training guide

Old Business
NRA grant application. Dave B. Jan28 is grant review meeting.
Range donations. Voted to donate $350 to Chili and $500 to Osage.
IL Class Dates:
Boot Camp Sun Oct 16-Sat Oct 22 2017
Chilicothe- events are on our web page!
May 6 Tac Carb1
June 3 DEF HG
Aug 5 DEF HG2
Nov 18 Tac Carb2
Lockport-private range. Initiating discussions. Up to 20 students on the fire line.
May 21-Def HG1 scheduled
Considering-July 16 Carb I, Aug 20 HG2, Sept 10 Carb2
Durand- Youth Shoot?
ASC- if Lockport works out, skip 1 course at ASC
Pontiac – Karl to check, we would offer Def Handgun
Def Handgun II COF – Doug
Boot Camp 2017 Oct 14-21. On web site!
Instructor Training
-NRA Pistol instruct
-combat medical
-land navigation
-range estimation
-tactical shotgun. Karl has a COF for review.
USRA Shirts. Bruce B to submit proofs for review. Discussed selling shirts at shoots.

New Business:
Web site
-request System Admin to add administrator with rights.
-want a design that is easy to read, easier to navigate. Need to add tabs. Needs to be mobile friendly.
-Karl to check some other sites for best practices, use as examples
-if you have suggestions, send them to Karl
USRA Charter
-group needs to review & update charter and by-laws
-add instructor qualifications
RSO & CCW class, by Ron B. Encourage our instructors in training to get the RSO cert.
Goal setting—send new
-web site updated
-add 2 new instructors
-promo ideas
-email blasts 3 weeks prior to class
-discounts for members, discount for spouse or child
-handout at shoots for upcoming classes and boot camp
-certificate of completion at end of course
Meeting venue
-looking for new location
-criteria: serves food, gun friendly, reasonably centrally located, free, not loud
Lead Instructors- esp. for tactical carbine class. Ideas?
-discussed a few names of instructor candidates.
YHEC Youth shoot. Friday June 16th. Fred & Karl going. Dave B. volunteered. Bill E is ‘maybe’.
More instructors welcome.

Next Meeting: Wed February 22nd at 6pm. Location TBD.