2/22/2017 USRA Meeting

US Rifleman’s Association Meeting
6:00pm February 22, 2017
The Patio, Lombard, IL

Karl Schweitzer
Kyle Stambler

Dave Blaskey
Bill Essling
Ed McComb

Officers Reports
Treasurer – Thor got check for range donation. Steve S got the check for Chili.
-will get $100 gift card for boot camp caterer in the mail
-keeping up with memberships
-provided balances of accounts
-need to move funds out of PayPal to savings

-corrected typos for dates from Jan meeting minutes. No other revisions.
Promotions – Dave B
-no report
Instructor Training/Recruiting – Gravy
-Gravy requested email addresses for Ginger, Fred, and Lloyd
-need IIT shirt sized for tan t-shirts

Old Business
NRA grant request approved at the state level, now to NRA trustees for review. Grant provided through the Friends of the NRA.
-Request included 4,000 rounds of Winchester 22LR, 1,000 20g shells, 100 12g shells, steel targets, including 2 ‘falling man’ targets.
-Attend a Friends of the NRA dinner. USRA should consider buying a ½ or full table for the Fox Valley dinner.
-Request organizers of the Youth Hunter Ed class to add ‘Ammunition brought to you by the Friends of the NRA’ to their flyer.
IL Class Dates:
Boot Camp Sun Oct 16-Sat Oct 22 2017
Chilicothe- events are on our web page!
May 6 Tac Carb1
June 3 DEF HG
Aug 5 DEF HG2
Nov 18 Tac Carb2
Lockport-private range.
May 21-Def HG1 scheduled. May have to pay $20 per student.
Still confirming-July 16 Carb I, Aug 20 HG2, Sept 10 Carb2
ASC- out of the question
Pontiac – Karl to check, HOLD for Lockport status. Event would be later in the year
Rockford Range – Doug. ?
Def Handgun II COF – Doug
Instructor Training
-NRA Pistol instruct
-combat medical—Eel to contact S&S, request estimate for ½ day and full day course
-land navigation—gravy to put together syllabus. Pacing beads?
-range estimation
-tactical shotgun. Karl has a COF for review. To be covered at March meeting. Test at boot camp. Shotgun match course like Knob Creek?
USRA Shirts. Reviewed proof by Bruce B.
42 on sleeve, for instructors shirts only. Red shirt, INSTRUCTOR on back
Sell shirts at classes? Give away as part of class? Consider and get shirt prices
Request for performance cloth shirts
Red USRA ball caps to sell
New Business:
Web site
-send improvement ideas to Karl. Review at March meeting. Find best practices from web site designs using WordPress.
-member page for members only
USRA Charter
-Karl handed out hard copies. Members to review for amendments. Available on web site.
Goal setting—send new goal ideas to Karl
-web site updated
-add 2 new instructors
-Increase boot camp attendance
-what long term goals do we have? Can request another NRA grant
-more paper and steel targets
-dummy rounds
-force on force learning, request equipment such as air soft pistols/rifles
-target hit detectors-flash, for long distance
-if add more USRA courses, need more instructors
YHEC Youth shoot. Friday June 16th. Fred & Karl & Dave B. volunteered. Bill E is ‘maybe’.
More instructors welcome. Last year had ~300 kids.
Discussed sending out reminders for renewals
Instructor shoot, April 22nd, Carbine II, at Pappy’s
Eel received ~100 updated ‘What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law’ booklets from the Armed Citizen organization. Motioned and approved to donate $100.
Motioned and approved to purchase 2 electronic shot timers from Eel for $75 each.
Armed Citizen organization. Motioned and approved to donate $100.
Motioned and approved to purchase 2 electronic shot timers from Eel for $75 each.

Next Meeting: Wed March 22nd at 6pm. The Patio restaurant in Lombard, IL