1/24/2018 USRA Meeting

US Rifleman’s Association Meeting

6:00pm Jan 24, 2018

The Patio, Lombard, IL


Karl Schweitzer

Kyle Stambler


Dave Blaskey

Bill Essling

Ed McComb

Absent:  Doug Fink

Officers Reports

Treasurer report – Noted to USRA meeting members

-Paid CMP membership renewal & filed annual report


-sent out Dec meeting minutes

-no updates on Google drive repository

Promotions – Dave B

-no report, waiting on firm dates

Instructor Training/Recruiting – Gravy

-want to get Loy instructor sanctioned at a Chilli shoot

Old Business

NRA grant application.  Dave reported that the Northern IL committee held grant review meeting.  89 grants submitted, number down from last year.  USRA’s request unofficially approved.  Ammo (20g & 12g steel shot, 22LR) & rifle-rated dueling target tree (Action Targets, 5 ft high, 6” paddles).  

IL Class Dates:

Boot Camp Oct 20-Sat Oct 27 2018


April  7 Tac Carb1

May 5 Tac Carb2

June 23 Def HG1

Sept 22 Def HG2

ASC- possible July 8, or Aug 12th.  Single date, not both. Waiting to see what ASC will charge.  We’d like to conduct Def HG1 with 12 students.  Need to fill class, or risk losing money due to ASC range use fees.

Pontiac – June 2nd or June 9th?  Def HG1.  June 2nd conflicts with 1 Shepard.

Boot Camp 2018 location update (Thor’s property availability).  Expect an update end of Feb regarding the use of USRA’s global training center.

Instructor Day in Pontiac – July or August.  Could work on Tac Carbine or Def Shotgun.

YHEC Richmond reminder.  Would be great if USRA could lead shotgun & rifle.  Possible date Fri June 15th.  Instructors needed!

Def Shotgun COF.  Ed to check with Erik.  Ed hasn’t typed up his notes either.

New Business:

-Web site- need web admin support, understand people busy.  Karl going to learn & work on site to improve.

-Range donations.  Motioned & approved vote to donate $400 to Chillicothe range via Steve S.

-Potential for Ron B to conduct a NRA Pistol Instructor course sometime after March.  There was interest, good cert for USRA instructors.  Possibly at Pontiac range, convenient location for Ron & Peoria-area USRA crew.  Ed to follow up with Ron for possible dates, check with Terry about range

-GSL Chicago-area meeting  this Sunday Jan 28th, 4-8pm, Orland Park, meeting starts at 5:30pm.

-Dave B had posted in FB about a ham radio course in Wilmington (Will Co.), can get technician license.  Ed signed up.  Discussed having a radio class at boot camp, having an Osage-area ham operator come in.

-April 25th I-GOLD in Springfield

Next Meeting:   Wed February 21st at 6pm.  The Patio