4/23/18 USRA Meeting

US Rifleman’s Association Meeting

6:00pm April 23, 2018

The Patio, Lombard, IL


Karl Schweitzer

Dave Blaskey

Ron Berg

Ed McComb

Officers Reports

Treasurer – Data emailed / available to USRA Board and active instructors


-Thanks to Dave for capturing March meeting minutes, available on web page

Promotions – Dave B

-promote Lockport, Def HG2 in 2 weeks.

-events on IL Carry web page

-add events on our FB page

Instructor Training/Recruiting

-Loy was lead instructor for DefHG1 at Chilli.  Went well.

Old Business

NRA grant

-Dualing Tree arrived and was used at DefHG1 shoot

-ammo arrived, Karl let YHEC know

-steel targets take up a lot of space for storage.  Club get a used enclosed 6’x8’ trailer?

Class Dates:

Boot Camp

Oct 20-Sat Oct 27 2018


May 5  Def HG2, June 23 Tac Carb 1, Sept 22 Tac Carb2

Pontiac – June 2nd .

Intro to Def HG1.  Peoria instructors help support?

YHEC Richmond

Friday June 8th

Lockport  Bill’s Excavating Range.  Private property owner.

July 15 Intro to Def HG.

Sept 16 Instructor shoot (Karl to request)

Nov 4 Carbine1 (Karl to request)

**Add all events to USRA web page

Boot Camp 2018 location – will be at Thor’s Osage range!

Instructor Day in Pontiac – suitable dates not available, use Lockport on Sept 16.

Def Shotgun COF.  Ed typed up his notes, sent to Erik.  

Website.  Dave B noted that GSL web page uses Wild Apricot (application).  We liked the GSL site.  Dave used it to renew his GSL membership, has that functionality.  Check with John B to see how it works out for GSL.  Ron, depending on his energy level, can help.  Although Wild Apricot is the application, still need a host.  Ron felt GoDaddy is still a good host.

I-GOLD –  the WEDNESDAY April 25

Radio Operations course at Boot Camp.  Ed contacted an Osage-Beach-area Ham radio club, and they have agreed to support some instruction at Boot Camp.  Maybe a couple of evenings or ½ day?  We can work on an agenda.  Offered for USRA to provide some shooting training.  Osage club interested in USRA Osage-area members participating in Ham club.  Ed to continue discussion with Ham club.

New Business:

-Web Site

-burn down and build from scratch.  Ron will take a look.

Next Meeting:   May 23rd at 6pm.  The Patio.

Meeting adjourned at 19:13