2016 Boot Camp

open university assignment help 2016 USRA Boot Camp AAR

http://leanintogethermsp.org/college-essa-4517/ Saturday, for those that arrived early, you had the opportunity to participate with One Shepard and their “Zombie Attack” event. This year the scenario was the humans were defending the base camp against the zombie horde. Utilizing the One Shepherd Mil-Sim laser units, allowed force on force encounters between humans and zombies. There were specific missions given on the hour where you sent out a group of humans to retrieve various items. They could be lifesaving antidotes to the zombie virus, ammunition, etc. This continues into the night. This year was the first in the history of the event where the zombies succeeded and “turned” all the humans. In the end, it was a great time.  Lessons learned, experiences gained, and options explored.

go site Sunday at Noon was the memorial for Guy. A somber ceremony with the spreading of the ashes. All the USRA instructor corps wearing their red hats and sidearm. Once KR started reading the letters from Guy’s family there wasn’t a dry eye and many tears shed for our dear friend.

follow Later, we had our annual Pig Roast. This year was catered by our friend and Life Member, Chuck @ River Bend Wild Game Sausage Company. I can’t express how exceptional the food was. The pulled pork and the brisket are some the best I’ve ever had. If you need a deer processed, there is none better. They’re located just east of Champaign, IL. For more info go to  HYPERLINK “http://www.riverbendwildgame.com” www.riverbendwildgame.com .

follow site Early Evening Sunday was the Annual Board Meeting. We re-elected Doug Finke and EEL as Vice president and Treasurer respectively. There was some great input on topics including next year’s boot camp, website, classes and general discussion points. The notes from the meeting will be made available to all members in the coming weeks.

http://www.timechangerecords.com/thesis/reviews-for-essay-writing-services-472/29/ Monday, we had 2 classes; Tactical Carbine I and American Marksman. We had 2 exceptional young ladies take part in the American Marksman class and did a fantastic job. We ended the day with some great food, a campfire and friends to rehash the day’s events.

apush summer assignment help Tuesday was Introduction to Defensive Handgun. We had participants and spectators alike for the class. This is a great opportunity for Instructors to refine their skills and gather tips from other instructors. The distance range was also used throughout the day.

see Wednesday was the first of 2 days of Competition. Due to popular request, we split the day into two days to make it more enjoyable and offer more flexibility to the attendees on what they want to do in the afternoon. The two competitions of the day were the Assault Rifle Match and the 400 Yard One shot. The Assault Rifle Match is a series of 6” steel targets placed at varying distances. You start in the standing position and fire at 5 targets, and progress through the other shooting positions shooting 5 shots each position, until you end the match in prone. Did I mention that you also must do a magazine change? It was a pretty competitive day but KR prevailed as a 2-time winner in the event with Mike and Chad Royal bringing in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Erik filed an (in) formal complaint. He caught a case of the giggles when someone started calling out the misses instead of hits. He had so much promise too.

http://workinggirlblog.com/phd-thesis-front-matter-5437/ Next Up was the 400 yard “One Shot”. Participants have 1 minute to place their 1 shot on the target 400 yards away. No sighters, no practice. You would be surprised on how quickly the 1 minute goes by and you’re told 15 seconds remaining. Puts a little stress while shooting. We had 2 divisions this year. Optics and Irons. Chadwick Royal destroyed the competition in the Irons Division. Karl won the Optics Division and became a 2-time winner in the event with his ever so popular $200 rifle. All the ranges were open in the afternoon.

custom paper research services writing 4 people participated in the inaugural “Run & Gun” at KR’s property. You quickly learn that shooting static position at a range vs. moving, breathing hard and trying to make hit on target is altogether a different animal. This is a timed event with 30 targets. 15 rifle and 15 pistol with a required magazine change for each. You get 2 shots per target to make the hit. This is pretty extreme terrain. There isn’t any flat ground to speak of and the hills are steep. There were 4 people that participated Cherie, Erick, Alex and Karl. Karl somehow managed to put up the best score of the group and is now the 3rd best score ever in the “Run & Gun”. Alex, who was last to run the course, had to endure the torrential downpour during his run which slowed him down. Cherie lost a magazine while on the course which slowed her down. Erik had to endure Karl slowing him down. All in all, you learned about your state of conditioning, your ability to make hits while breathing hard, your gear choice, (Sometimes less is more) and how to negotiate terrain. I’m looking forward to this event next year.

theory of equations solved problems After Dinner, we had our annual “Swap Meet”. This is an opportunity for those that have items they no longer need and sell/trade to others looking for something they can’t live without.

click Thursday was the Defensive Handgun II class. This is a new offering in 2016 and the feedback was positive. Albeit a blustery wind made target stands blow over which required additional weight on the bottom of the stands. All the other ranges were open.

http://www.iele.au.edu/t3-assets/?reference=buying-a-financial-planning-business-2279&re=77 Friday was part II to Competition Day. We had the pistol match, the turkey shoot and the clay pigeon match. Dave designed and set up a couple of IDPA style stages. As usual Dave did an outstanding job. The pistol match was a big hit with the participants. It’s a speed and accuracy test with time added if your shots are inaccurate. EEL came out on top with Karl in second place amid some stiff competition. EEL becomes a 2-time winner in this event. Congrats!!

write my essay me Next was the Turkey Shoot. You get one shot at 7 yards. The one closest to the center of the target wins. It did take an extra pair of eyes to verify the winner. EEL Wins with Erik Anderson a very close second.

watch Last was the clay pigeon shoot. Each participant get 10 birds in the first round. Any ties for the lead goes to round 2,3 etc. This year was the shortest event to date. Erik Anderson score a perfect 10 while 2 others EEL & Karl Scored 9 of 10. Congrats Erik!! The other ranges were open the rest of the day. Some took advantage to run though the Pistol Match a few more time while others went over the Assault Rifle and ran that a few times. Others did both. Dinnertime on competition days are always a lot of fun. The light-hearted banter back and forth between people is what makes these days great.

satisfaction comes from helping others narrative essay Saturday was some of the USRA group helping the One Shepard crew put up a tent in the back forty. Most left for home as we closed out another successful Boot Camp.

http://matthewswell.com/products/university-essays-for-sale-3855/19/ The USRA Board members want to thank all of you that attended.  I hope it was all you expected and more!  Thanks to all the individuals that gave 110% to make Boot Camp a pleasant experience for everyone.  Not an exhaustive list so if I missed anyone…. sorry: George, Cherie, Chris, Dave, Ed, Mike, Chad, Jason for the range and all the improvements, One Shepherd for shelters and the zombie event, and, well, everyone.  If someone saw something that needed doing, they did it.

http://matthewswell.com/products/online-dating-dangerous-essay-16605/19/ And that is what boot camp is.  That is what USRA is.  That is who we, all of us, are.

see Family, Friends, Community.

source link Next year’s Boot Camp is already on the schedule—October 14-21, 2017. Put it on your schedule now!

dissertation pdf examples Pro Tip: Can’t get away from the significant other for a whole week. Bring them with! You’ll be glad you did!!

follow link See you all next year.  Bring a friend.  They’ll be glad you dragged ‘em along!

http://www.iele.au.edu/t3-assets/?reference=get-help-with-your-coursework-2842&re=77 Special thanks go out to Bill “EEL” Essling for designing the menu, gathering supplies, working the kitchen and overall coordinating Boot Camp. We couldn’t do this without you…Thank You

http://www.iele.au.edu/t3-assets/?reference=sled-alaska-homework-help-18686&re=77 *********************************************

http://www.timechangerecords.com/thesis/essay-font-standards-4205/29/ USRA Boot Camp Information
October 15-22, 2016
Osage Beach, Missouri

follow url Saturday Oct 15

http://leanintogethermsp.org/thesis-and-antithesis-12399/ Travel day
Assist in set up of ranges / classrooms / tents
***One Shepherd Zombie event 1400-2200***
***OPTIONAL***You will need $100 for MILES rental and for .223 blanks. AR-15 carbines and magazines are provided. See attached details

go Sunday Oct 16

Travel day
Open Range time until 1400
1400 hrs – Pig Roast
1600 ish hrs – USRA annual meeting at the range.

homework helper for english THERE WILL BE MUSTER EACH MORNING AT 0800 AT THE

click Start times are in stone. Be prompt. Close times are “ish”

click here Monday Oct 17

https://missionk9rescue.org/how-long-do-viagra-stay-in-the-body-4121/ 0845 – 1630 Tactical Carbine class

follow Tues Oct 18

see url 0845 – 1630 Tactical Carbine II class

https://www.aestheticscienceinstitute.edu/clinic/propanolol-3394/37/ 0845 – 1700 Distance range open for shooters that
are ready

chipmunks viagra song lyrics Wednesday Oct 19
“Competition Day 1”

follow url 0900 –1200 Assault Rifle match
400 yard “1 shot” Match
1200 – 1700 25M range open

long before prilosec works Ranges will open upon completion of competitions

Thurs Oct 20

0845 – 1700 Distance range open for shooters that
are ready
0845 – 1630 Defensive Handgun II on 25-meter range
0845 – 1700 “Run-N-Gun” for those interested

Fri Oct 21
“Competition Day 2”
0900 –1200 “Turkey Shoot”
Pistol Match
Clay Pigeon Shoot

0845 – 1700 Distance range open for shooters that
are ready

1200 – 1700 25M range open
1300 – 1700 “Tourist or Terrorist” on the pistol range

Sat Oct 22
0845 – 1700 Distance range open for shooters that
are ready
0845 – 1700 25M range open
1100 – Assist in tearing down tents


Boot Camp **USRA member** $190
Boot Camp **non-member** $250

Range fees are included in the Boot Camp registration
Pig Roast is included in the registration fee
Breakfast and Dinner (Mon-Sat) is included in Registration fee
Entry fee for 1 round in each match is included in the registration fee

Fun shoots / Matches

All fun shoots will be settled at dinner with a 50/50 split to the winner.
You may enter a match more than once by paying an additional fee.

Pistol Match $5 per entry
400 yard “1 shot” Match – Irons OR Optics $5 per entry
Turkey Shoot $1 per entry
Assault Rifle Match $5 per entry
Clay Pigeon Shoot $5 per entry
Tourist or Terrorist Side Bets
Run-N-Gun Donations

PLEASE REGISTER ASAP FOR BOOT CAMP. We need numbers for food, pig roast and shirt sizes

The web site at HYPERLINK “http://www.usrifleman.org” www.usrifleman.org will be updated and registration opened soon. Look for the “Boot Camp” tab at the top.

Boot Camp fee is payable on the web site.

Fees for additional match entries will be handled in cash when you walk up / sign up for that match.

You can call me at 630-292-6452 or e-mail HYPERLINK “mailto:info@usrifleman.org” info@usrifleman.org with questions.

See you there!